Tuesday, January 6, 2015

December Paper Pumpkin... a weeee bit late...

Hi everyone! I hope you had a wonderful holiday season! I got to spend Christmas in upstate New York with my friend.  I drove him up there so that he could visit with his daughter.  He was only supposed to get to see her for a few hours at his mother in law's house, but she ended up having to work so he got to have her for almost a whole day at his mother's house. This was awesome for him because he hasn't seen her since last Christmas and I'm glad that I could help him get his "Christmas wish".

We spent New Year's at my house having a family game night with my parents. It was pretty fun.

I filmed this video the night before we left with the intentions of posting it while I was gone since I would have a lot of down time. Unfortunately, they live in a rural area and there was no internet :/ so I am just now getting to post it. I hope you enjoy it! I used my actual camera this time and I talked through it instead of having to use the text bubbles like the last one. Enjoy!