Thursday, July 4, 2013

H(Cr)appy Independence Day!

Since we had a day off of work due to the holiday, my friends and I ventured to Color Me Mine, a paint your own pottery place. We had been wanting to go for a while, but since we all work together, we never have a time where we are all off. Today was the perfect day to go for 2 reasons - 1. We were all off work because it's a holiday and 2. It's raining, making today kind of a blah day, perfect to spend time doing crafty things with your friends. After we painted, we headed to Moe's for lunch. It was one of the most memorable times I have spent with these girls and I'm glad that I have them all in my life :)

The gnome I painted for my dad.

Sammie's Squirt/Ohana/Beachy plate

Natalie's Fleur De Lis bowl

Erin's chevron/Cincinnati Reds wishbone C mug

A little team work to finish painting the handle

Kate seems bored lol She took the longest to decide what to do and the shortest time doing it
I didn't get to take a picture of Kammi's cute polka dottie flower pot or Kate's beer mug because they finished first and the girl took them away before I could...

The girls had never been here before (I had...) and they were kinda bummed that we didn't get to bring our stuff home with us. I was disappointed as well, even though I knew how it worked, but I love my little gnome-y so much and wanted to give him to my dad right away. I can't wait to see how our pieces end up!

After painting and lunch, I came home and took a nap. My grandma was here and I felt bad not spending time with her, but I am not feeling well because the weather lately has been effecting my sinuses :( Now I'm all rested and probably won't go to sleep when I should tonight, but I'll keep my fingers crossed that I will because I have an early morning tomorrow that starts a long day of work, work and babysitting.

I hope you had a great Independence Day! I know I did...

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