Friday, July 26, 2013

Friday, Friday, got a new tire on Friday!

So I took today off of work for several reasons: I wasn't scheduled in the Nursery, my sister needed a ride to the dentist and I'm making up the hours on Sunday, so it wasn't that big of a deal. I got up early to take L to the dentist and, on the way there, I blew a tire :( I was in the middle lane on the expressway during rush hour and going up a hill - WORST time to get a flat ever! I calmly pulled over, parked the car and turned on the hazard lights. I had to exit via the passenger side so as not to get plowed into by a semi whizzing by. I assure you that this was not an easy task for someone my size with a car as tiny as I have (my emergency brake knows me pretty intimately now, if you know what I mean...) So I got out and examined the situation. Whatever happened caused some major damage - it was sliced in multiple places and my dad said he's never seen anything like that on a tire. Go figure it would be me who has special situations with my car (there's a long list of previous crazy experiences with Henri). I told my sister to call her dentist because we weren't gonna make it on time and I started getting my stuff out of the trunk. I got the jack in place and started cranking it up, when L walks back up and says "I'm glad you know how to do this, because I sure don't". This is one of the many reasons that my sister and I are different. I am pretty independent and can do things for myself because my dad made me learn how to take care of myself. Somehow my sister didn't learn that lesson and she is, for the most part, taken care of by her fiance and our mom. I go about changing the tire, asking her to hold things or move the jack up a little. Usually I kinda freak out when I get a flat tire, especially on the road with cars flying by, but today I kept calm and easily took care of the situation. I think it was a mixture of confidence (because she was impressed that I knew how to change it and she didn't) and a teaching/learning situation for me and my sister. I've never really had to teach her anything and it was nice to be able to do that. I hope that the experience today will help her to understand that she NEEDS to know how to do these things because there isn't always going to be someone to do it for her. After getting it all done and everything put back in the car, I realize that I just set a new record! My last one was done in 14 minutes and I can now say that I can change a tire in 10 :)

We made it to the dentist only 12 minutes late and then I made my way to my second job to do my "deep clean". Every Friday I take out trash and tidy the bathrooms, but every other Friday I have to sweep and mop the whole office as well as vacuum and clean the windows. Deep Clean Fridays usually take me about an hour to an hour and 15 minutes depending on how messy the guys have been throughout the week, so I wanted to get that done with on my way home so I could shower and then have the rest of the day to clean my room. Today my plans went to **** because of the tire, so after cleaning at E's, I went home and showered and then called around for tire prices. I had been planning on buying a full set in a few weeks so I didn't want to spend a crap ton on one right now. I found a cheap one at WalMart, but after the experience I had today, I will NEVER go back there for tires ever again, no matter how cheap they are. I'll explain why shortly.

So I got prices and then had to finish addressing the postcards for our family reunion. The reunion is in a month and we were supposed to send these things out at least 2 weeks ago, but I have been putting it off for two reasons - 1 I didn't want to help in the first place. For this, I blame my mother. She volunteered me at last year's to help with future ones. I have trouble saying no to people so here we are... 2 I had to come up with a design and order these things and that takes time. I got a good deal on them, but it took forever to see if the other people involved liked the card and then go back in and order them. It was a pain in the ***! When they arrived, I had my sister put stamps on them and then I had to address them all and add little notes that I didn't have at the time I ordered them. I FINALLY got them done and then headed off to mail them.

The only post office I know of around here is a tiny little thing by the local college. I pulled up and didn't see any cars, but there was a decent line inside. The lady at the counter had about 20 envelopes/packages on the counter (and more in a box, already completed) that she was mailing and there was only one guy to assist people. He had to enter hers one by one so it was taking a loooong time. My mind is boggled as to what she was mailing. They all looked to be the same thing... I digress. There was 2 people behind her/ahead of me and one lady behind me who, apparently, was "in line" even though she was standing across the room. She was very rude and didn't mind voicing her displeasure about being cut in line again. For goodness sakes, stand in the line, not across the room, if you want people to know you are in line!!! I didn't acknowledge her, I just went about reading my book until it was my turn. After 15 minutes there, I finally made it out and could head over to get my new tire. After checking in and telling them what I needed, I wondered about the store a bit and then came back to see if it was done.  They were finishing up, so I sat down to read some more. After about 10 minutes, I looked into the work area and my car was no longer in it's spot so I figured they would be telling me it was done very soon. WRONG! I waited another 10 (because I wanted to keep reading) and then eventually got up to see if I could leave yet. I had to wait in line, but there was a super nice guy who was working, but not working (on break maybe?!? He was leaning in through the window from the work area to the waiting area,, but didn't seem to be doing anything), who told them to ring me out because my car was done. No more line for me! I paid and left, but when I got to my car I got a little pissed. Not only did they not put my seat back to the proper spot (it was all the way back and I couldn't even touch the pedals; #shortgirlprobs), but I went to put my car in reverse and the gear shift had black, oily stuff all over it. I got a napkin and cleaned it off and attempted to leave again, but this time was thwarted by gunk on my steering wheel. I thought these guys were supposed to leave your car as they find it, not make them dirtier?!?

I was so mad I couldn't decide what I wanted for lunch (I hadn't eaten since 7 am and it was almost 4...), so I just started driving until something sounded good. I ended up calling into a place by work that I love to eat at. I recently discovered that their chicken salad sandwich is amazeballs! I stopped in at Es since it's next to my food and I had to wait another 10 minutes before it would be ready anyway. I thought maybe the guys would have been in so I could file the paperwork they needed to sign, but they hadn't so I couldn't and I ended up talking to D and T for about 20 minutes... oops! I got my food, came home and ate, but completely forgot about cleaning my room :( Oh well, there's always Sunday. Now it's dinner time and I'm not hungry and I'm feeling lazy since I did a lot today. It doesn't help that we had guests over last night and I stayed up too late (2am when I had to be up at 6). We did get to christen our new fire pit last night though! That was a blast, except for the part where my dad's chair somehow collapsed and he fell backward. It happened in slow motion and I couldn't stop it and then I was laughing so hard. My dog Chloe was out there and she trotted up to him and started licking his face. It was hilarious. But then I realized he wasn't moving and panicked that he might really be hurt. Turns out he was just in shock and didn't want to move while Chloster was on him.

I'm debating what to do for the rest of the night - go to bed early since I have a long day tomorrow or stay up and clean my room, tomorrow be damned? I think I like option 1 haha. Who doesn't love sleep?

Have a great weekend everyone!!!

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